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Full Review Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime - 19 Aug 2017 12:30


Full Review Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime - Quality of imported amazing Apple camera on this smartphone is really worth the price of the iPhone 6s are so expensive. So for connectivity problems, there is no 4G LTE technology speed of 300Mbps, as well as HSDA 3G networks, and Dual Band Wifi with a speed of 2 times the Wi-Fi standard. No ketinggal, feature NFC to support payment method of Apple Pay as well as V4 bluetooth. 1 to send the file also exists on the iPhone 6S.

Harga Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime

Well friends already know what it's like the specifications for iPhone 6S and price, so let's consider each other the newest smartphones manufactured by Apple's "6s iPhone Plus. Now let's review the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 penantan the iPhone 6s Plus. Despite the small size of the monitor during the berbentang 5.5 inches, but the price can be mentioned in terms of equal and balanced. Because, to win against 16GB, friends should buy at a price of 10.7 million.

Harga Oppo A77

Little price of the iPhone 6s In addition, against 64 GB in the bandrol won 12.1 million. So for the higher versus the internal memory capacity of 128 GB, mates should take it home at a price of 13. About 5 million. Price of the iPhone 6s In addition, he was really fantastic, and may be the price of the iPhone 6s Moreover, added the official in Indonesia will be more expensive.

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